The Benefits of a Sole Mandate with us

by Rene Bekker • 2 MIN • 331 Words

You might wonder what makes us any different from another real estate agency or brand…….Besides the fact that we are invested in our communities, we believe in People first, and our slogan People, Passion and Property derived from you, our client, because we know that without you, we won’t exist!

Backed by years of extensive expert knowledge, experience and industry qualifications; we believe in supplying our clients with the best possible advice and service, the industry can offer. We understand that each client is different; and that each client needs a specific marketing plan for their property.

On a Sole Mandate, (preferably) we have much more control over the property market, with one agency and one price; that improves the confidence in our properties.  A generous more specific advertising budget is allocated for sole mandates

• It takes so much more than just doing what is required to negotiate. It means exercising an intuitive approach, continuously going the extra mile and staying in touch after the sale is made.

• Each of our exclusive mandates is professionally marketed via our proprietary René Bekker Properties Marketing Programme to be powerfully presented to a select group of discerning buyers, both locally and internationally. The marketing programme will be specific to each property and will include a mix of the following products and services:

• Advertising via national, regional or local property portfolios (8 different property portals)

• Advertising on various platforms

• Placement on our website plus local and international industry portals –

• Media coverage via our respected public relations team

• Social media channels allow us to engage with thousands of followers daily (we now also do paid Facebook marketing Adverts) Rene Bekker Properties

• Private Property Insight, a bespoke customer relationship management platform allows for targeted, personal communication strategies to a database of contacts, buyers and sellers

• Guaranteed consistent advertising, professional drops, brochures and show house invitations

• Guaranteed assistance with your transfer, from attorneys to suppliers

• S H A R E •