Your Garden Can Sell Your Home!

by Rene Bekker • 2 MIN • 259 Words

Your Garden Can Sell Your Home!
As South Africans with our great climate, we all appreciate the outdoors, and our patios and gardens have become an important part of our living space.

If you have patio furniture, make sure that it is clean or freshly varnished – or even treat yourself to a new set, as you will be able to take it to your new home. Strategically placed pots and planters can also go with you when you move, and these will add cheerful colour wherever you put them. If you can afford it, rather opt for big pots, and remember that a matching set of pots with flowering standard trees on either side of your front door will make a very welcoming statement!
As with any decoration project in your home, try to avoid stamping your own personality too emphatically onto your garden – so resist the temptation to paint your boundary walls in bright colours, opting for neutrals instead, keeping in mind, less is always more.
When you’ve finished working on your garden, take a moment to stand at each window and in each doorway that exits in the house, and look at the view with a critical eye – this is when you’ll notice the last few things that might still need to be done. When your home goes on show, encourage the agent to leave the doors open so that potential buyers can experience the interaction between the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home – this could well be the moment that makes them decide to buy your house!

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