The Conveyancing Process when Buying your Home

by Rene Bekker • 2 MIN • 336 Words

The Conveyancing Process when Buying your Home

Buying or selling property is often one of the biggest decisions one makes. Many questions arise concerning the
Conveyancing process and to enable you to understand it better, here is a summary.

What happens at the Conveyancers?

1. Conduct an electronic deeds search.
2. Request bank cancellation figures of the seller’s bonds.
3. Follow up on approval of purchaser’s bond.
4. Draft transfer documents once bond is approved.
5. Request Rates / Levy clearance and other Certificates needed for the transfer (COC / Gas etc.).
6. Draft purchasers bond documentation, if requested by the bank / financial institution.
7. Forward guarantees to the seller’s bondholder as soon as purchaser has signed the documents.
8. We will request funds from you to cover any outstanding rates / levies. Transfer duty and bond costs.
9. Submit an electronic application for transfer duty receipt from SARS and payment of applicable transfer duty.
10. Documents are couriered to the correspondents at the Pietermaritzburg Deeds Office.
11. Progress reports are forwarded to the relevant parties on a continuous basis.

What steps do our correspondents take for you?

When the correspondents receive your documents, they will lodge same at the Deeds Office. Examination will
take approximately 7-10 Working days before registration can take place.

What should you know?

1. Always provide your reference number when enquiring on your file.
2. Transfer process takes approximately 6-18 Weeks.
3. Reasons for a delayed transfer process can include:

• a) Banks / financial institution delayed in sending the bond instructions and /or the furnishing of
cancellation figures
• b) Parties not signing transfer documents timeously.
• c) Seller have outstanding / arrear bond instalments.
• d) Outstanding levies/rates payable to the City Council / body corporate.
• e) SARS queries regarding outstanding tax returns or payments

How do we expedite the matter?

1. We can arrange to sign documents after hours.
2. Follow up on figures and bond instructions from any banks.

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